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Voice chat function goes live now!

Voice chat function goes live, you can do voice chat between companies and applicants

Both companies and applicants can upload voice message through contact. Applicants can show their Japanese ability to companies. At the same time, companies can easily verify their Japanese ability!

Interview arrangement can also be fixed easily by voice, so you can do employment and job hunting smoothly!

* Record directly or attach voice files (currently only some of the devices and browsers) is possible

* Your voice file will only be available to those companies you applied for.


The way to use this function

[1] First of all, please login to my page. * The following is the page for employees

[2] (Company) Click on the “Contact” button of the relevant applicants from the applicant list or contact list.

(Employees) Click on the “Contact” button of the company from the contact list to open the contact page.

[3] Select “Record” or “Attach file” on the contact page and press the “Start” button to record. Then it will be sent once you click on the “Send” button.

* You can send text content only, or text with voice is also welcome.


Please make full use of this function!

Inquiries about this news, please contact, (Oda)

Read more about Japanese recruitment information, see Japanese-Jobs.com

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