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The final push! What to beware of during the offer phase

After the application screenings and a few rounds of interviews the perfect candidate has been found. You are at the stage to make an offer but there are still some things to be aware of. Naturally, just because an unofficial job offer has been made does not mean the candidate will accept it. A candidate who has been actively job hunting and you certainly wish to employ will have attracted many other companies as well. This article will cover what should be done when making a job offer to give your company a slight edge over others.

Know what your candidate wants from a job change

There are various reasons a candidate may be seeking to change jobs. It could be simply wanting advance in their career, increase their income. They could be tired of exhausting work and wish to change to a job where they have more personal time. Others may be tired of the relations with their colleagues at work. Look back on all the interviews with such a candidate and appeal to them in your offer with what they want and what you can provide.

Get a feel for the candidate. Confirm their ambition and job hunting situation

You want to know as much as possible about your candidate when at the offer phase. With the help of employment agencies, understand the candidate’s motivation in entering your company, satisfaction with salary and other factors, concerns they may have when they change jobs, current job hunting situation and how intent are they on changing jobs. In the case an employment agency is not involved, be extremely careful when asking questions as these can be sensitive topics. Effort such as arranging meeting or dinner with a current employee the candidate can speak frankly to may be necessary to gather such information.

Send out the offer as early as possible

Many candidates apply for position at several companies. Send out an offer to the candidate who fulfils the requirements of the job vacancy as soon as possible. If the offer is sent out late, the candidate’s motivation to enter your company may decrease or may decide to accept the offer of another company.

These are the points to be aware of during the offer phase. The time, money and effort put into recruitment should be go to waste because of carelessness. Get to know and understand your candidate until the very end.

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