Should we send a Thanks letter after the interview?——The role Thanks letter plays and how to write it.

Thanks letter is not a necessary part during an interview. Thus, some interviewees would skip this part. However, in the hiring process in Japanese companies, writing a Thanks letter with politeness indeed has it effect. It includes, “showing how much you want this job again”, “leaving a polite impression on HR” etc. Even so, a standard model-like Thanks letter which lacks content won’t help much. This article will explain several important points about mails of this kind.


Matters needs to pay attention to while sending Thanks mail.


Send the reply mail on the day of the interview, not later than noon of the day after. Companies usually decide whom to hire after the interview that day or 2 to 3 days later. If you can’t make your impression before that, your letter will be useless.



Thanks letters are usually sent to Recruiting team member. The address would be the one that sent you the company’s mail earlier, or you can find the E-mail address on the company’s recruiting pages.

As for the example and points explanation, you may refer to the chart below, example on the left, points on the right.

Please refer to the points listed above when writing a Thanks letter. Pay attention to the manners, and combined with your own feathers, make the expression brief, warmhearted and so on.

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