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The differences between the first interview and the second. Master the key points, and get hired!

In the recruiting process of most Japanese companies, there will be a second and even a third interview. During each of them, the questions raised by the interviewers along with their department and job position are quite different, so they required the aspects of the applicants they need for their team. To learn these things ahead of time, and prepare accordingly can get a bigger chance to pass the interviews. This article will explain the differences between the first and the second interview.

The Interviewers

During the first interview, the interviewers are normally composed of the new employees from HR department and new employees or key employees from the department which is recruiting. The interviewers are normally young and not quite familiar with the process of an interview in most cases, that’s why the first impression left by the applicants is of great significance. In the second interview, however, interviewers are the people who is in charge of each department, and key employees in HR department, which means they know the interview well, they can see through the applicants and find out if he or she is the one they need. Therefore, the applicants are required to show their professional skills and personality even better, and bring out a better self by exploring their advantages and experience further.

Key points in the interviews

The first interview is considered to be the primary election, through which the company could find out if the applicants possess the basic communication ability and manners so that they can measure their working capacity. That’s why the applicants are supposed to talk about their experience, skills, advantages and so on. On the other hand, the second interview focuses on things like whether the applicants can adapt the job well, how well they understand the job and career, the junction point of the applicants and the cooperation, how eager they want the job, whether they can meet company’s culture. This requires each applicant to learn more about themselves, and do enough research about the company as well as show the enthusiasm they hold towards the company.

Most frequent questions

In the first interview, the interviewers would often ask some basic questions. So the applicants should prepare a self-introduction, job orientation, self-display (advantages), and working experience so far, hobbies those kind of routine answers carefully. When it comes to the second time, many questions would be related to actual work, and they would continue to find out about the applicants’ enthusiasm. While answering these questions, try to avoid conflicting with what you said last time. Besides, you will be asked about what you’d like to do if you get the job, your future plans, and how it came out when you apply jobs in other companies.

Those are the difference between the first interview and the second one. All your answers are based on your self-analyze and your research about the company. Thus, be well-prepared, use words that are easy to understand, answer questions with an enthusiastic attitude, so that you are likely to pass the interview.


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