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Learning Japanese


Big Eaters Rejoice! Where to Find Bigger Portions in Tokyo!

Food in Japan has a reputation for being healthy and portions being quite small compared to those in Western countries but, there are many options available for those who have huge appetites.


Self-analysis, one of the “must-do” for Japanese students before applying for a job

This article will talk about self-analysis, this indispensable process during job-applying activity in Japan, introduce its necessity as well as some practical ways to do so.


Experience Traditional Japanese Taiko at TAIKO-LAB in Asakusa!

Do you know what the word taiko means? In English, it is often translated as “drum”, but when most people imagine a “drum” they think of a drum set made up of snare drums. But in Japan, the word “Taiko” has the meaning “Wadaiko” (“Japanese Drum” in English)


Leave your interviewer with a good impression through speech and attitude

How you speak and present yourself often leave a deeper impression on your interviewers than your answers. Here are some tips on what to be conscious of.


Working in Japanese: Japanese Language Proficiency and Expertise Matrix

An introduction to the Japanese language proficiency and level of expertise required for jobs that utilize Japanese.


Several types of Japanese-language proficiency Tests

The tests for determining proficiency in the Japanese language that are useful for studying abroad, finding employment, and other purposes include the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT ), BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test, Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU), Test of Practical Japanese (J.TEST), and Japanese Computerized Adaptive Test (J-CAT).


How to successfully hire human resources with Japanese skills

The number of people studying the Japanese language has started declining for the first time according to a recent survey. However, Japanese-language learning trends vary significantly by region, meaning there is not a uniform decline across the world.


About Japanese Language

Some of the characteristics of the Japanese language, the official language of Japan, are that it is relatively easy to pronounce and that there is a large number of characters. Being able to speak Japanese can be a major advantage in business, sightseeing, and other areas.

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